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Piper and John's General Goods is a market gallery space that will serve to showcase a variety of artisanal, local goods ranging from vintage clothing,local jewelry, handprinted paper merchandise and a variety of novelty goods. These are some things we have either made and or love. If an image is Ours we'll let you know, if not stated then we Do Not own the rights to any of the images or objects shown here and are using them for exemplary purposes only.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Much Anticipated PopUpHood in Historic Old Oakland Coming Soon!!

The Nation's first ever PopUpHood is coming to Historic Old Oakland!
We are moving at popup speed to put together the final touches on this exciting new project-
   The central idea of the PopUpHood goes beyond one store in filling a single vacant retail space. As a showcase of local small business working in concert with one another PopUpHood fills several retail spaces with retail that compliments one another as well as the existing businesses. 
   This approach creates critical mass activating an entire neighborhood simultaneously. This has several advantages; the stores all participate in a Grand Opening which leverages the combined customer following brought by each business, by focusing on quality retail we are not simply filling vacant windows we are creating a destination. 
   The PopUpHood creates a uniquely branded identity to put Old Oakland on the map as charming shopping district. This benefits the existing bars and restaurants already thriving in this area by increasing press and foot traffic. It also fills a much needed retail void in all of Oakland where folks can stroll, dine, grab a cocktail, and do a little shopping creating an incentive to explore the neighborhood, discover its historic charm and invest Locally! We will be a part of this awesome endeavor and will be posting updates on the Grand Opening Festivities and weekly events to follow!!! Look forward to seeing you all There!!

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