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Piper and John's General Goods is a market gallery space that will serve to showcase a variety of artisanal, local goods ranging from vintage clothing,local jewelry, handprinted paper merchandise and a variety of novelty goods. These are some things we have either made and or love. If an image is Ours we'll let you know, if not stated then we Do Not own the rights to any of the images or objects shown here and are using them for exemplary purposes only.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

 The new Piper and John site is up and running!! 

Last minute shopping? Gift Certificates are now available, check it out!

Big Thanks to Helen from Lula Press for putting it together for us!

xo-Piper and John

Saturday, December 15, 2012


Saturday, December 8, 2012

P&J's 1-Year Anniversary-Next Saturday!!

WOO! One year anni ! Thanks you SO much to all the people who've had a hand in helping to make our evolving vision a reality!
Dec. 15th popuphood is throwing a huge party! Come join Piper and John General Goods in the celebration as we welcome Chef and Author of the wonderful book 'Plum Gorgeous', Romney Steele, for an in-store book signing and Jam tasting! 
We'd also like to give an official warm welcome to Helen, of SF's own LULA PRESS, and Ape Do Good as the newest addition to our fabulous Team here! Thanks for all you're doin girl!

xo- Piper and John
( and the Bodhster)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

First Friday with LULA PRESS at Piper and John!

Happy Wednesday!

  Come celebrate the holidays with us This Friday, Dec.7th- and get a sneak peek of 
the fabulous pieces in the new LULA PRESS popup in the store! 
Make your way to popuphood oakland, bring a friend or two,
     grab a bite at one of the many awesome places to eat right here,
 stop, breathe, relax,  
       visit us Piper And John General Goods and check the other rad stores in our area!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hot new Stuff for You!

Lure Earrings: Post Modern Hook, Feather and Fur

      Pairing traditional techniques with post modern style, Cameron Kelly and Joshua Olivera compose ‘companion’ earrings for the consummate aesthete. Carefully crafted FLIES are hand tied, using traditional techniques originated from salmon & steelhead Fly Fishing. First documented in 1496 by English nun, Dame Juliana Berners, ‘Treatyse on Fyshing with an Angle’ describes fly fishing as the pursuit of a balanced fulfillment life.
     The art of fly & tackle craft has evolved like everything with new materials but traditional patterns and techniques are still prevalent today, rendering a beautiful object meant to withstand rivers and streams for many years.
     Combined elements of oxidized copper chains, tusk-like shells and vintage brass finds make up these one-of-kind single earrings with double hooks for a little extra swag;) You can mix and match or pair one with something you already own!

Brand New In Store!
Idiom Shirts

LONELY SALESMAN SAMPLE POCKET from the 1970's ARE UNITED WITH RESCUED THRIFT STORE FINDS and embroidered WITH PLAYFUL IDIOMS TO INSPIRE HOPE FOR WHAT LIES AHEAD. We've swapped the standard plastic buttons out for my AUNT HAZEL’S VINTAGE BUTTONS to make it extra special and ONE OF A KIND. Made with loving care.
Cameron Kelly

Monday, July 2, 2012

Here's a preview of some of the kick-ass stuff our talented friend Nicole brought over from her magical stash of rad antiques at Bizarre Gilman. Come down this Friday to see it all, and Us all, in real life!