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Piper and John's General Goods is a market gallery space that will serve to showcase a variety of artisanal, local goods ranging from vintage clothing,local jewelry, handprinted paper merchandise and a variety of novelty goods. These are some things we have either made and or love. If an image is Ours we'll let you know, if not stated then we Do Not own the rights to any of the images or objects shown here and are using them for exemplary purposes only.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Big thangs this month-

                  Hello y'all! Thanks for tunin' in today- I'm reminded of the quote that goes something like, "Life moves fast, slow down to smell the roses every now and then." I don't know who said that first but I've sure been reminding myself to do just that more than usual lately..As if moving in with my beautiful partner and love of my life Nicole Buffett this month wasn't enough..and to be quite frank, it just Wasn't enough hahaha we Stays BUSY-
                    We're proud to be working at breakneck speeds to get the Piper&JohnGeneralGoods:PopUpShop ready for opening along with a handful of other inCredibly talented folks and their Shops in the PopUpHood's charming christmas-light-lined Old Oakland Early Next Month...More info Coming Soon!!
Here's a little run down on Our shop..

Piper&John GeneralGoods is- 
Nicole Buffett and Jake Bagshaw, both San Francisco native artists who are committed and passionate about creating alternative spaces that will support the local talent of the San Francisco Bay area to thrive.
We want to create a sense and experience of immediacy and access-ability in the market place. We want to provide a campy, fun and playful space focusing on gifts for the self, home and others.

Clad with tree stumps lining each side of the store as platforms for product, the main space will serve as a shop with a smaller gallery space to the back. With a focus and identity as a kind of ‘DIY California lifestyle store’ the general look will be a modernist, minimalist bohemian aesthetic.

We'll carry a wide variety of products that range from low price points to higher price points. As a reference point both economically and stylistically, PIPER AND JOHN GENERAL GOODS will mimic boutiques like, ‘Nest’ on Fillmore St. where our expanse of products and prices will draw and allow for a wide variety of shoppers offering a range of unique gift items otherwise not found in the area.

PIPER AND JOHN GENERAL GOODS is very much looking forward to being a part of the POPUP HOOD and spurring the beauty that is Old Oakland.
Cheers! We look forward to seeing you around the Hood, Please come by and see our Shop!
Nicole Buffett & Jake Bagshaw
aka 'The Haybails'
Brought to You by Oakland's:

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